Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions that all customers agree to when ordering

PartyPeteShop may request additional documentation for certain orders to verify the legitimacy of your payment such as:

These documents will help PartyPeteShop determine whether the payment has been authorized by you and to prevent fraud/chargebacks. If you do not comply we will refund your payment. Identity verification methods help The Company in preventing fraud. Failure to comply with The Company's request may result in 24 hour payment seizure and/or a refund of your payment. The Company reserves the right to refuse business to you if you do not complete the requested identity verification.

Once your gold has been delivered you are held accountable for any unauthorized access to your account. We will NEVER ask you to trade the gold back to us. Verifying it is you in trade screen accepting the trade will be treated as completed delivery and free PartyPeteShop of any responsibility. Furthermore, once the gold has been delivered to you it becomes your responsibility.

By purchasing goods on you accept all risks associated with your in-game account/wealth.

The use of VPN/Proxy/VPS services are prohibited on PartyPeteShop.

Account Purchase Terms:

- We will never refund an account purchase after delivering the account details. Sales are final once account details have been sent. - We are NEVER responsible for any wealth on the account(s) at any time. - Blackmarks, offenses, bans, mutes, locks, any offense placed on the account(s) is not our responsibility after we delivered the account details. - We'll help you recover/unlock the account if it needs to get recovered or if it gets locked for 31 days after the sale, And if we're unable to unlock the account for whatever reason within 31 days after the sale you're getting a replacement account, or if you don't want a replacement you can get OSRS/RS3 Gold totaling the account purchase price for the rate we sell at at the time of you collecting the gold. - For if the account needs to get recovered/unlocked: After 31 days of the sale the warranty ends. We'll still help recover/unlock the account to the best of our ability but after 31 days we are not giving any refund, replacement or store credit if we're unable to recover/unlock the account (for if You ask us to recover/unlock your purchased account(s)). - Re-selling of accounts purchased from causes any warranty to instantly void. By purchasing an account from us, you automatically consent to said terms.

Refunds are returned to the buyer within 1-3 business days if the buyer goes over the allowed purchase limit or shows sign of attempted fraud/theft.

All copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. PartyPeteShop has no affiliation with Jagex Ltd., Runescape, Valve, or any other game publisher.