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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How do I order?

Select the amount of OSRS Gold or RS3 Gold you want to buy. Add them to your cart and select the Payment method you would like to pay with (Debit/Credit Card, Skrill, Bitcoin, iDeal, PaySafeCard). After paying message live chat with your order ID to pick up your gold! We have a 24/7 Live Chat that will help process your order and deliver your order after a few minutes.

2. Do I have a risk of being banned?

We pride ourselves in using safe methods to buy/sell gold. However, there's always an assumed risk when buying/selling gold.

3. Which payment methods can I order with?

Currently we are accepting Debit/Credit Card, Skrill, Bitcoin, iDeal, and PaySafeCard.

4. How do I know this is legit?

Feel free to check our more than 20k+ positive feedback/reviews on our site and/or various forums linked at the bottom (Sythe, Playerauctions, Powerbot, OSBot)

5. Do I need to give ID?

ID may be requested for certain orders.

6. I have another question but it's not on the FAQ

We are more than happy to help you answer any questions/concerns you may have through our live chat!
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