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OSRS Farming Guide: 1-99 Fastest Methods

Posted Sep 12 2019, 6:06 AM

1-99 Farming Guide

Farming, released in July of 2005, is one of those passive, but rewarding skills to train. Just investing a small section of your time into it can produce massive results, which is why it's worth it. However, with its somewhat complex structure, it can be quite intimidating to know what to do, which is why some players choose not to farm. But we've got good news! In this OSRS Farming guide, we've compiled the best methods to get 99 farming, and there's sure to be something to suit you!


We can't stress this enough - quests are so important for farming! Being a slow and progressive skill, being able to skip a few early levels would save you hours of pointless low-level farming! Here's a list of all the quests in OSRS which provide farming experience.

Useful Equipment

To make your Farming journey more efficient and enjoyable, here's a list of the equipment we heavily recommend you get.

Magic Secateurs

Magic Secateurs are one of the most important tools in farming (if you plan to farm herbs, allotments, grape vines and hops). They increase the crop yield of specific plants by 10%, which adds up in the long run. To get them, you need to kill Tanglefoot in...

OSRS Smithing Guide: 1-99 Fastest/Profitable Methods

Posted Apr 24 2019, 3:59 PM

1-99 Smithing Guide

Smithing, released in January of 2001, is a classic skill which everyone would find at least some enjoyment out of. Whether it's the profits, or the fast experience rates, there's something in it for everyone! However, it can be quite daunting to pick a path to go down while training Smithing, but don't worry any more. In this OSRS Smithing Guide, we've compiled the best methods to get to 99 Smithing in Old School Runescape. So, sit back, get your hammer and get ready to smith.


To speed up your quest to 99 Smithing, we recommend going through a few quests to get through those tedious early levels. Some of these quests in the list below provide exceptional amounts of Smithing experience, so we heavily recommend doing a few! Here's a list of all the quests in OSRS that provide Smithing Experience.

Levelling Guide

In Smithing, you've got three main options to choose from, each appealing to every type of OSRS player. In this OSRS Smithing Guide, you could go the fast route, the profitable, or the cheap & AFK route - the choice is yours! Before we jump into this OSRS Smithing Guide, we heavily recommend doing a quick quest - "Knight's Sword.' It'll boost you from levels 1 through to 29 Smithing instantly, which will save you a lot of time. If you can't...

OSRS Runecrafting Guide: 1-99 Profitable/Fast Methods

Posted Jan 16 2019, 4:06 PM

1-99 Runecrafting Guide

Released in March of 2004, Runecrafting is easily one of the most profitable skills in the game, which is the reason why thousands of players take on the challenge to make exceptional amounts of gold. However, the deterrent factor of Runecrafting is its slowness, repetitiveness and tediousness. Embarking on this challenge will require quite a lot of determination, but it's all worth it in the end. Get ready for a long journey, as in this OSRS Runecraft guide, we go through not only the fastest ways to 99, but also the most profitable.


Just before we jump into our OSRS Runecrafting guide, we recommend a few quests for you to complete that provide Runecrafting. Any skill, especially Runecrafting with its slow early levels, can be easily zoomed through via questing. Here's the full list of quests in OSRS that provide Runecrafting experience.

Useful Equipment

To make your Runecrafting journey a little easier, we recommend getting the following items.

Graceful Outfit

Since you'll be running constantly throughout your Runecrafting journey, the graceful outfit will help you tremendously. In its most basic form, the graceful outfit, once worn, provides a weight...

OSRS Thieving Guide: 1-99 Fastest Methods

Posted Jan 3 2019, 12:02 AM

1-99 Thieving Guide

Breaking through doors, taking money from innocent NPCs, and stealing cakes from stalls, what more could you want from a skill? Released in May of 2002, Thieving has become a popular choice for members in Old School Runescape, and a relatively quick 99. Put on your masks and get ready to thieve, as we go through not only the fastest way to 99 thieving, but also the most profitable! Feel free to rotate through the methods in this OSRS Thieving Guide, especially towards the later levels.


Before we get into the OSRS thieving guide, we'd like to mention the importance of questing. The early levels of thieving can be quite tedious and click intensive, so we suggest completing a few quests that provide a decent amount of thieving experience to zoom through the early stages. Here's the list of all OSRS quests that provide thieving experience.

Useful Equipment

To help you along your Thieving journey, here's a few items we strongly recommend, as they provide exceptional benefits.

Dodgy Necklace

This enchanted opal necklace, while equipped, gives you a 25% chance of not being stunned and damaged while pickpocketing any NPC. This helps you tremendously while pickpocketing and...

OSRS Crafting Guide: 1-99 Cheap/Expensive Methods

Posted Dec 23 2018, 7:10 AM

1-99 Crafting Guide

Whether you're trying to make the highest-level jewelry, or take advantage of the skill cape, crafting is near the top of the list of skills to max. Released in May of 2001, crafting follows a "choose your own adventure" kind of method, where you could either achieve 99 extremely quick, for a hefty price tag, take it slower for a much lesser price, or even something in the middle. Get your crafting hat on as we go through the ways you can get to 99 crafting in Old School Runescape.


Before we get into specific levelling techniques for our OSRS Crafting Guide, we should mention some of our favorite quests that give a considerable amount of crafting experience, so you can zoom through those early levelling stages. Here's a list of a few quests that give crafting experience. Note that the following quests are quests which we deem to be quite helpful for your whole Runescape journey. For a full list of quests that provide Crafting Experience, look below.

Dwarf Cannon - 750 Crafting Experience

Ask any Runescape ranged expert, a cannon is their best friend. To get a cannon, you'll need to complete no other than the Dwarf Cannon quest itself. Doing so, you'll even get some quick crafting experience along the way, that'll surely boost you through some early levels! For...

OSRS Money Making: Easy & Fast Methods (2023)

Posted Dec 11 2018, 11:57 PM

OSRS Money Making Methods - Easy

Let's be honest - we all need OSRS Gold. Whether you're out for that twisted bow, or even a dragon scimitar, a few extra GP wouldn't be that bad. However, with a game like Runescape, and the plethora of things to do, finding a viable money-making method can be quite intimidating. Luckily, at PartyPeteShop, we've brought you our favorite consistent, relatively low-medium level money makers for Runescape. Try them all and find which one works for you!

Killing Ankous - 140k/h

Requirements: Combat stats to kill multiple level 75s.

Ask any slayer expert, Ankous are absolutely amazing money and exp for such an easy monster. For this Runescape money making method, you'll simply need some extremely basic combat equipment to kill these level 75s (trust me - they're really weak!), and some food. Quick tip -since Ankous are weak to melee, we suggest bringing melee equipment.

Once you've got everything, it's time to head to Barbarian Village. More specifically, you'll need to go down to the Stronghold of Security, using the hole as shown on the map. Navigating through the mazes of each level, you'll find yourself on the bottom floor, the “Sepulchre of Death” floor. And as shown...